Friday, March 20, 2009

Where the heck is Adam?

Does anyone know what happened to the Adam Carolla show? I hate the Howard Stern Show and was glad to see it go. Adam is where it's at! But BAM! he is gone and they replaced it with this Rick Emerson Show on 101 which is by far the worst morning show I have ever heard. And that is saying something as 99% of all morning shows Suck. Talent is not a requirement in these shows. A few crank calls and a posse of idiots laughing at each other's bad jokes is all it takes to make a show. Adam had talent. Please tell me where the heck he went.... Please!

As for 101 KUFO. There is absolutely no reason to go to that station anymore. Time to erase it from my Radio Memory.


Did you see what was on the radio yesterday?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Man Hunt.... You can help?

Patty and I were watching the late night news and they were talking about a murder down in Salem. They gave a description of the suspect:

Caucasian, 6 feet tall, 180lbs, wearing black and a ski mask.

If ANY of you see someone that meets this description, you need to call the authorities. Generally, when I see someone wandering about wearing black and a ski mask I think nothing of it. Now I have to think again.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

12 hours of Sunlight

OK, Oregonians. We are half way there. Yesterday was the midpoint of the minimal amount of Sun and the maximum amount of sun in a given day. We are getting about 12 hours right now. The low point is at Winter Solstice and is a tad less than 9 hours. Summer Solstice peaks the sunlight at around 15 hours.

I bet back in the old days, the farmers loved the winter months because if they lived by the adage where they wake up with the Sunrise and in bed by sunset, they got lots of sleep. I would like a 15 hour sleep season.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It only gets better...

Hurry though... This is a limited edition.


"Exclusive: The Black-Out Cozy

Only thirty of these Limited Edition Cozies have been made. They are all black and come with a smoke-holder and velcro-on lighter holder for easy access to all your vices. Each comes with a black product insert and is signed and numbered on the inside by the Godfather and creator of the 40cozy himself, Los-Nasty. Only: $15.00"

Finally, Someone has Answered my needs

It is about time that someone has solved the 40 oz dilemma.
"Drive-bys" (as I call them) get warm over time. A drive-by koozie solves this problem.
Description from
"This is probably the classiest cozy we make. Wrap this around your 40oz of malt liquor and you'll be able to taste the difference. Looks great on Steel Reserve, Country Club, Olde English, and any other delicious gold 40oz. Only: $8.99"
2 more problems to solve and my life is complete.

My TV talks to me!

Last night, I was sitting down to a little TV time and the TV interrupted to send me a message.
Hold on there Mr TV. The number of Fridays over a given period of time has been set and there is nothing I can do about it. Perhaps sending this message to our president or to NATO would be a more appropriate decision making forum to help with your request.
Stupid TV.

One in a trillion....

Take a look at this blemish on this apple. Now blur your eyes a lot and look at it again. You see it? Of course you do. This apple has the country of China on it. If you disagree, its probably because you see Iran.

Regardless, the odds of having a blemish that shows China and Iran at the same time is nothing short of staggering.

This was going on Ebay but I changed my mind and ate it.

What whacked out Religion is this?

I have heard (and respected) a lot of different religions in my day but this has got to be a new one. Mike and Karyn, who hosted the Monthly Wine Club this month had this taped on the inside front door. Yup, Bacon.
Bacon on the Door. That rules out Judaism or Islam. And, I cannot remember anything in the Bible regarding bacon on the door for Christians. Had a brief discussions with a couple of co-worker Budhists and Hindus and they are not familar with this custom. That leaves us with a Cult.
Some crazed out Bacon Cult that requires bacon to be taped to the door. Someone please help me understand!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty Picture of Ken

Ken, the anti-blogger. I guess after this picture, we can also say the anti-attractive too.

This is a shot of us traveling home together on the company air shuttle last Friday. Ilan is in the background. Billy and Chalupa were also there.

Come to think of it, there were 3 more people on the plane from the Ethernet group. Are you guys made of money up on Mahogany row?

Portland Stinks....

Got a spam letter from Portland City Search regarding the 7 deadly sins of Portland. The link is below. However, I can summarize all of the sins that Portland has to offer according to this article:
Anger: Bowling
Envy: Restaurants
Gluttony: Restaurants
Greed: Powell's bookstore
Lust: Some park in NW PDX
Pride: A Shoe Store and a gourmet food shop
Sloth: A spa and a hotel
Yup. Portland Stinks.


For anyone who grew up on Chef Boy-R-Dee you should be as angry as I am when I opened up our pantry and found this.... Joe's O's? Organic? This is too much. If I EVER see a Joe's Organic canned Ravioli in my house there is going to be some big trouble!