Friday, March 20, 2009

Where the heck is Adam?

Does anyone know what happened to the Adam Carolla show? I hate the Howard Stern Show and was glad to see it go. Adam is where it's at! But BAM! he is gone and they replaced it with this Rick Emerson Show on 101 which is by far the worst morning show I have ever heard. And that is saying something as 99% of all morning shows Suck. Talent is not a requirement in these shows. A few crank calls and a posse of idiots laughing at each other's bad jokes is all it takes to make a show. Adam had talent. Please tell me where the heck he went.... Please!

As for 101 KUFO. There is absolutely no reason to go to that station anymore. Time to erase it from my Radio Memory.


Jon said...

CBS Radio canceled the FM talk radio format basically. The Opie and Anthony show that was simulcast in NY City and on XM, the Adam Corolla show and Tom Leykis were all victims to the reduction in ad revenue most stations are seeing. CBS gave all the affected shows a couple days to inform their listeners before moving to a music format.

All of the shows were number 1 in their ratings market, but talk radio costs much more to operate than a computer picking crappy songs.

Rick Emerson is a local Portland guy who did the afternoon show on AM970. He moved over to 101 (sister station to AM970) to fill the hole left by Adam.

Major Clanger said...

Dude, get with the program. The young hip people in the office tell me that the Adam Corolla show is available as a podcast. Just put it on your iPhone before docking it in your car!