Friday, July 31, 2009


Not sure if I have already posted this or not but who cares. Here is to the best Ralphie imitation out there. Thanks, Miles!

I am not sure I can agree with this...

But, who am I to argue? Being different is what makes the world go round.

Taken at the 7-11 on Saltzman and Cornell.

BTW, what would of happened if the 9-11 disaster happend on 7-11? Do you think the convenience store would change it's name? Or, do you think the media would of called it something else because of the situation?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beijing Olympics

Here I am at the Water Cube and the Birds nest. Michael Phelps won 7 Gs here. I was amazed that for about 5 or 6 bucks for each place you can go in and look around. The real amazing part is that they bring in thousands upon thousands of people into the stadium and the cube every day. The entire olympic park felt like Disneyland on Spring break. This is some serious bling to have people come in and look around.

Sky Suites

For those of you who are Jumbo Jet Enthusiats, I saw this beauty at the Singapore Airport. The MD380. Never got a chance to fly on it but dang is this things ever sweet looking.

The front part of the first floor contains 12 Sky Suites. What is a Sky Suite you ask? It is a private room that contains a fully reclining seat and a separate bed along with another chair so you can have dinner together with another Sky suite guest. Large Flat screen TV and the ability to completely close the door. I bet these are really popular as I bet the biggest complaint with the international first class clientele is that they had to get up so the staff can convert their large oversized chairs into beds. What a pain. Now they can just get up from their oversized chair and lay down. I have bypassed this problem altogether by strictly travelling in Cattle class. Cost for a sky suite? I just priced it online and got a price from Singapore to LAX at $28,000. They don't get to LA any faster but I bet it sure feels good.

Are you kidding me?

Here is something I found in the A&E (Oregonian) a few weeks back. In case you cannot read this:

"Bring in your current unemployment check stub for sales associate to verify and receive 10% off your purchase."

I think the add speaks for itself

What day is it in China?

Ever been to a foreign country and did not know what day it is? Well, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, they have solved this problem. Every day, someone goes and changes the carpet in all 16 elevators with the day of the week displayed. Now that is all class!


Well, I have been in China for about a week and had every intention of keeping Timmyopolis updated. So, I head into blogspot to put in my entries and and cannot get in. Hmmm. It keeps on failing. I also noticed that I could not get to facebook either. Other sites worked but not these two. So, I go and google "Blogspot in China" and find a whole bunch of sites on how to work around the China State firewall that prevents access to blogging sites. Wow. apparently One cannot blog in China. I was not planning on bypassing the firewall as I have no interest getting into any trouble in China. So, now that I am in Singapore, timmyopolis comes right up with no problems.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What a shame...

Anyone who lives in the Bethany area has probably seen this as they head up Kaiser towards Germantown road. Its a shame to see the exhaust headers of this mailbox go to pot like this.... Now it just looks trashy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What did we ever do to you?

For years. we have this bird, a chickadee is my guess that always lands on our car and pecks the crap out of our mirrors. It is the same bird and it leaves its own crap and has marked up both of our car mirrors. What have we ever done to this bird? We are a bird friendly family. In fact, last count, we have at least 7 active nests in our front bushes and under our decks. I cleared out the abandoned ones but they soon come back. The bird in question lives in our front bushes and we have never messed with her nest.

The picture I took here was me in the truck. I pulled in. Turned off the car and about 2 seconds later, she shows up and start pecking. The fear of man is almost non-existent when it comes to the instinctual need to peck mirrors.

Monday, July 13, 2009

How could I have let you all down?

To all of the masses who come to get words of wisdom and life skill direction from my blog.... I'm sorry. To those of you who visit to seek enlightenment and life application... My apologies.

Now, lets talk about this for a moment. I have been pestered at home, at work, at poker, on camping trips about me not updating the blog. However, during the peak times, I would perhaps get 50 hits. I dunno. It seems like I have been pestered by more than that. Maybe I'm double and triple counting the same complainers.

Anyway, I am back and will keep this updated more often. To start things off. I wanted to share this mysterious apple I had in Santa Clara. Yup, you guessed it. It is a map of China OR Iran. Take your pick.