Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goin' outta Bizness - Rant

Have you ever wondered why there are so many furniture stores going out of business? Is it the bad economy, perhaps? Hmmmm... Possibly. However, let me plant a thought.... could it be because the furniture they sell absolutely sucks? There are furniture stores everywhere that are willing to sell you velvet diamond tuck couches, Dressers with engraved geese pulling ribbons, Chairs and Tables that rival Corinthian Columns of the Pantheon. But they end up going out of business. WHY are these stores so fixed on selling this crap? And expensive too! Heck, Ikea sells crap too but its at least what people want to buy. Then, to top it off these stores stay open for months during the going out of business cycle pumping in things beyond furniture and into Baskets, Tools, Kitchen Appliances, Hardwood flooring, etc. It all makes sense. I, for one plan to head out and pick up a couch system that has built in TV dinner trays, phone Jacks, and a flip-up armrest with a cooler. AND, while I am at it, take advantage of the great prices on the 10 Piece BBQ grill utensil set.

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