Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do the Dew....

Anyone make it to the Dew Tour in Portland last weekend? The Portland Stop is the Wendy's Invitational. The top BMX, Skateboarding, and Freestyle Motocrossers compete for $$ and sponsorships. They hold the events in the Rose Garden, Memorial Coliseum, and an additional Stadium they set up for outdoor events. Funny thing is that the kids are almost more interested in the exhibit booths that are held on the complex. Wendys had Free Burgers and Frosties, Unlimited Mt Dew, All the Playstation3 playing you can handle. Mini Skateboard Park, Place to ride Yamaha Motorcycles, Nerf Gun competition arena complete with refs and scorekeepers, All the slim Jims one could eat, and a ton of freebies from Toyota, Verizon, Radio Stations, Dickies, Sony, etc. etc. 5 bucks for the kids and 15 for adults. Even if you don't care about the sporting events, the Exhibits are worth a day with the kids. It is definitely safe and kid friendly. The Tour makes pretty darn sure of it. Get to it next year.

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