Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rumble in the Garden...

Well, I am not too sure how many of you like UFC. I am guessing not many but if you like it and you are not aware... A serious bout is 'bout to go down in the Rose Garden this Saturday. Couture, Silva, Nogueira, Jardine are not chumps you can pass off as some exhibition show that happened to pass by PDX. This is the big time and they don't come around often. So, if you are into this, it is worth heading to the Rose Garden this Saturday for the show. Should warn you though that the cheap seats are around 100 smacks and go up to about $1500 per seat. Don't worry though, the 1500 dollar seats are sold out. Pay per view will also have this for around $70 bucks but there is nothing like being there to watch the 'Interesting' people and not to mention the 5 or 10 fights that will happen in the crowd. Primal Entertainment at its best!

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