Monday, February 1, 2010

7-11 Getting Tough on Customers

I'm Back....

Have you ever nonchalantly waltzed on into a 7-11 to make a purchase? Do you have ANY idea of the rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order for you to be able to enter and make a purchase? Click on the picture or read below:
  1. Must be 0ver 18 to buy Tobacco
  2. It is Illegal to buy Tobacco for Minors
  3. Shirts are Required
  4. Shoes are Required
  5. Smoking is not allowed
  6. Remove Hood when Entering Store
  7. No Pets except for Service Pets
  8. No Restrooms for you
  9. We have the Right to Refuse service to Anyone
  10. No Loitering
  11. No Pan Handling
Please make note of this going forward.


Timmy said...

Oh yeah, if you click the picture you will note that there is a person in the store with a hood on. How can this be?

Patrick said...

reminds me of this story I just read ( and why working in a big company means fewer and fewer freedoms. makes me wonder NetFlix has it right