Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sky Suites

For those of you who are Jumbo Jet Enthusiats, I saw this beauty at the Singapore Airport. The MD380. Never got a chance to fly on it but dang is this things ever sweet looking.

The front part of the first floor contains 12 Sky Suites. What is a Sky Suite you ask? It is a private room that contains a fully reclining seat and a separate bed along with another chair so you can have dinner together with another Sky suite guest. Large Flat screen TV and the ability to completely close the door. I bet these are really popular as I bet the biggest complaint with the international first class clientele is that they had to get up so the staff can convert their large oversized chairs into beds. What a pain. Now they can just get up from their oversized chair and lay down. I have bypassed this problem altogether by strictly travelling in Cattle class. Cost for a sky suite? I just priced it online and got a price from Singapore to LAX at $28,000. They don't get to LA any faster but I bet it sure feels good.

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