Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheesy Cheescake Factory

Had a family outing at the Cheesecake factory and ran into this. It is hard to see in my crappy picture but the guy standing to the left is some sort of a security guard. There is another one as well standing near the center behind a pole (click on the picture to see it better). They were in suits, Sunglasses and Earphones. They were watching a large group of people at the same time we were there. They just stood there and were constantly surveying the area. One of the female guests got up and went to the rest room and one of them followed and the other security guard took the other guards place. No one and I mean NO ONE knew who these people were. The servers asked and would not get a response. Based on rumors and other gawkers, it came down to two things.... Someone thought that one of the guests was an actress in Twilight. The other guess (The one I beleive) is that this is some joke. If no one knows who these people are then they probably don't need body guards. Cheesy.

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