Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally, We ride!

Well, we finally did it. After 3 agonizing months of no riding, Ken and I made it to our favorite ride spot. Pete's Quad was in the Shop, Billy wanted to watch the Beavers get spanked and who knows where Ray was but it did not stop us....Ken and I made it. Here are a few pictures I snapped. Ken Standing on the log is Row-boat. Ken is washing his hair at fish farm (I have no Idea why he did this but I tried it right after him and it felt pretty good). And the one lone picture of a bike is me waiting for Ken to penetrate into Picnic (Which he never did and left me hanging).
We later found each other back by the camp-site.

We name these trails on our own. It is the only way we can keep track of where we are going. It works well until you run into others out there and they have no clue what you are talking about. Example.... We were talking with some guys who were talking about a trail called crossover. After considerable discussion on where that was, we discovered it was our version of Petey.

In addition, because of active logging, one day we can can be riding some great trails and the next day, it is completely gone. Rest in Peace Rooty, Rutty, Routey, and Dead-End.

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pete said...

I've got my ATV back and it runs like a champ - I am impressed with Cycle Metrics.

I am ready to ride.