Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cedar Mill - Extreme Makeover

If you happen to be an old building and you happen to live in the Cedar Mill Area, watch out. You are probably going down. Looks like the area between Murray and Saltzmann on Cornell road is being renovated. The picture here is the ancient strip mall on the corner of Murray and Cornell. It contained all the important things that we could not live without like a courier service, a coin/trading card shop (which mysteriously burned down one night), a defunct computer repair shop, Manacurist, etc. There was also an apartment complex on the 2nd floor. Anyway, this place was falling apart and will be good to see some progress being made here. The kids and I are sad to see a detached building called Humdinger burgers go but maybe it will get replaced with something just as good but as they say "its hard to beat a humdinger" (at least I say that).

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