Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its included in the price... Why not?

Patty was busy doing something so I took the kids to Sweet Tomatoes. You know, the salad bar, soup, buffet restaurant. It was the kid's choice. One thing I noticed are these signs like the one I posted here. You place this card on the table to tell the table bussing staff that you will be back and you are not leaving the building. Why do they have these? Because people are pigs! The Bus staff have no idea if the full plates of food that are sitting there are to be thrown away or not. They need this sign to help them determine that. Why? I noticed that when people come into this place an eating mentality changes modes. They can load up their plate, sample a couple of things on it, then toss it out for another round of sampling. My kids tried this. They loaded up a big salad plate, then went for some macaroni and cheese and pizza. They sit down, nibble a little bit of each then attempt to head off for the dessert. Ummmm....Hold on there boys... We are not going anywhere. Finish everything you chose THEN you are free to get some dessert. They were not pleased but they did it.
Listen, I don't see many people go to a sit-down restaurant and order a plate of food, sample it then dump it out for another plate. Nope, that is expensive. But for some reason it is OK here. I think the best thing they could do to save us some time here is to have garbage cans at the end of every buffet station. That way, after you load up your plate, you can conveniently throw it away immediately. That saves you the effort from having to carry it to your table and saves the bussing staff some time.

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erikv said...

We put about 10 small things on a plate for Mette ... like 10 kidney beans, a tablespoon of peas, stuff like that, in hopes she'll try something new. I feel bad when we toss 90% of it but at least it's not a huge plate of food...and sometimes I just eat it.

I don't like all you can eat places, unless that place is your house.