Friday, February 13, 2009

Timmyopolis Turns 2000!

What a better way to celebrate this monumental occasion than to show a picture of the Windows 2000 logo.

So, Seeing I am at 2000 hits I am pretty much considered the big leagues now. The big leagues implies the parties, celebrities, the untethered vacations in paradise, the Paparazzi, you know.... it's all good.

This milestone made do some research (stuff that big websites have to do.... Sigh) and decided to compare my hits with Google:

Timmyopolis: 2000 hits in 3 months
Google: 112 million searches per day.

To normalize the data produces:

Google: 1296 searches per second
Timmyopolis: .00025 hits per second

+/- a few decimal points. We are about the same.

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