Friday, February 13, 2009

Racial Profiling.... I am sick of it.

The amazing story of flight 1549. The ability to land in the water and get everyone to safety is one for the books for sure. Now the work continues for determining the reason for the crash. Well, yesterday, federal investigators announced that they found remains of birds inside of the engines and is a possible culprit. OK. Here is where I start to get a little ticked.....
"A DNA analysis done by scientists with the Smithsonian Institution's Feather Identification Laboratory identified the remains as Branta canadensis - Canada geese, according to the National Transportation Safety Board."
Now, why in the heck did they have to bring up the Canadian part? Why did that actually matter? Does the investigation change if they were English Geese or Zimbabwe Geese or Cuban Geese? I am guessing not. But here we are, profiling us Canadians and our geese as the reason for everyone's problems. Lets just stamp a Maple leaf on all Canadians (people and Animals) so everyone will know and the media and you profilers can have your kicks and grins by making us feel bad. This makes me sick! Don't get me started with the Panda Bear. The country of Panda are equally upset!


erikv said...

Nice cover-up, but I see right through your shenanigans.

Clearly, the Canadians are training their geese to take out our planes. I, for one, will not stand for these cowardly acts of terrorism.

Watch yourself, Canada. Watch yourself. I'm on to you.

Major Clanger said...
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Major Clanger said...

I myself am sick and tired of people blaming English Ivy for everything. It has to be English Ivy and not just that nasty American Ivy they have here too.

Maybe if we both write to the Queen she'll talk to that nice Mr. Obama about it over a cup of tea.