Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The (blank) of Ought (blank)

People, We are the generation to make this happen. We have heard the ol' timers or read something about the 1900's with phrases such as the 'war of ought 4' or the 'floods of ought 6', etc. But what have we done so far? We are almost out of time to set our own 'Ought x'. It is 2009 for goodness sake (Ought 9). The picture here is the Chehalis Washington flood of ought 7. It was bad but will not cut the mustard for the stories we will tell to the grand kids.

Yes, we do have the disaster of September 11, ought 1. That one is clearly a worthy story. What I don't want to hear is 'The depression of ought 9', 'The Attack of ought 9', or the 'Armegeddon of ought 9'. But, we do need something where we can show pictures of people walking across the Columbia River, Discovery of Lava people living in the earth's core, or small dogs acheiving the triple back flip.

Come on people, Lets get to it!


erikv said...

So the arctic blast of 09 doesn't work? Our children's children can speak of "several inches" of snow which "crippled" our roadways for "days and days". Of course, none of them will speak of shoveling their driveways because kids these days are too soft for such things. Kids.

Patrick said...

I am in full support of the Ought movement. It is much better than the "Oh (year)" thing that I have had to tolerate for 8 years. "Oh" is a letter, not a number!! :)

Today, I heard some one say "Oh Ten" referring to 2010. Aaaaahhh! You get 2 digits ('10) or four digits like "twenty ten" or "two kay ten". But not 3 digits, unless you are referring to an actual 3 digit year, such as "The Celts attacked Rome in 387 B.C.".

"oh ten" is a double peeve. If I have to hear about "oh ten", "oh eleven"... followed by the "oh twenties"... someone is going to get hurt.

For you Canadian types, referring to zero or zee as zed is still acceptable :)

Timmy said...

Glad to know where you stand, Pat. One question... What is your stance on Ought 10?