Monday, January 19, 2009

Wind Storm

Wow. The Wind storm we had this weekend was a serious doozy. I live in a heavily treed neighborhood and those pines and firs were bending something fierce. Coastal Storms don't affect us. Nor do Winds coming from the north or south. However, when the Columbia Gorge winds from the east strike up, I get scared.

The crappy picture I took here is a neighbor that had a pine tree snap about 20 feet off the ground and land on top of his roof. It does not look good. Poor Bart and Patty. Just a week or two ago, during the ice storm, someone slid a car into their fence. They quickly repaired that then this tree came down. The remaining 80+ feet of the tree is resting on the back side of their house. Roof structure is compromised to say the least.

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erikv said...

The wind storm of ought nine was a mighty fierce 'un.