Monday, January 19, 2009

Who is this guy?

Anyone watch the NFC and AFC Championships? I think everyone knew that Pittsburgh would make it to the SuperBowl (although Baltimore did give them a run for their money). But what is up with Arizona? Who in the heck is this Larry Fitzgerald? (shown in the picture (from 3 touchdowns yesterday. He was also stunning last week.

At first, I thought that AZ going to the Superbowl would make it a boring wipeout. But with Fitzgerald, Hightower, and Warner on the offense playing the way they are playing we may have a team that can test the #1 Pittsburgh defense. Looking forward to Feb 1.

Be sure to get your 3D glasses for the 3D movie preview of Dreamworks' Monsters vs Aliens that will show after the 2nd qtr.


erikv said...

Uh, who gave the Steelers a run for their money?

Ghost Dog said...

I assume he meant the Baltiducks. Until the 4th quarter, he's right.

Anyway, I think Fitzgerald has pretty much been in Anquan Boldin's shadow a while, so hasn't been getting much media attention. He was a pretty good receiver in his college days at Pitt. I remember the year he was drafted, there were a lot of Steelers fans that wanted him.

Timmy said...

Thanks for the clarification, "Ghost dog". I did mean the Ravens. I corrected it.