Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just the facts...

Everyone likes to hear a fact, right? Well here is one.... I invented the common, household fact. Yup. Please think of me when you hear one.

Here is another one. From USA Today: For the first time since the dawn of the Jet age, two consecutive years have passed without a single airline passenger death on a US carrier.

It goes on to say 1.5 billion passengers traveled on scheduled flights in 2007 and 2008 where no passengers died.

To top it off, MIT Professor Arnold Barnett calculates that it's more likely for a young child to be elected president in his or her lifetime than to die on a single jet flight in the USA or in similar industrial nations in Europe, Canada, or Japan. I think this is a lie because Canadians cannot become President.

BTW, the photo is an optical illusion. The Jets are 750 feet apart and landing on separate runways in San Francisco.

UPDATE: Good news and Bad news: A US Airways jet crash landed in the Hudson River today. 150+ people on board. Good news: Everyone Survived!

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