Friday, January 16, 2009

Farrell's Anyone?

Any of you old timers remember Farrell's?

I certainly do. It was a big deal for me and my sister when we got to go there. I remember my Uncle finishing a "Pig Trough" Sundae. I also remember the "Zoo" that fed up to 10 people but when someone ordered it, they delivered it on a stretcher held by two people who ran around the restaraunt while a siren was blasting everyone. How about the Green river sodas? Or the Candy shop with Suckers the size of a frying pan or the JawBreakers the size of a Softball. Sigh. What memories. I always wanted to take my kids there but they have since disappeared. Or have they?

The original was based in Portland (Across from Lloyd center) and eventually spread to over 130 locations before they closed their doors. Why? Read the story at

However, I saw that a friend on facebook joined the Farrells fan club. Apparently, they are attempting to make a comeback. Great news if you live in SoCal or Hawaii. :( Perhaps they will re-expand and our kids will have the same fun we did as kids. Farrell's.

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bogey said...

Hell yeah I remember Farrells - our family would celebrate b-day's there...I think I still have a ribbon that says "I made a pig of myself at Farrells".

I even dated a Intel girl named Farrell...nice 'hands'!! But that's a different story.....