Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny or Sad - You Make the Call

We have all seen it. The people who stand on street corners equipped with ipods and a sign dancing and waving hoping to draw people into buying a mattress or some incredible going-out-of-business deals that has been going on for years. But here is a new twist. I saw this on the corner of 25th and Cornell in Hillsboro, OR. Who are they? Why its the Little Ceasar guy and the Liberty Accounting guy together at the same street corner. In an unprecedented move, these guys were air-guitaring with their signs while dancing. An incredible display of hard core strumming, Fists in the air, high-fives, and even a brief solo competition. It sent goose-bumps down my spine seeing these two in harmony. Pizza and taxes working together as one. Only in America!

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