Friday, January 16, 2009

Brand Loyalty going too far

KTM. An Austrian company that makes precision Dirt bikes, high-end on/off road motorcycles and even Mountain bikes. I like this brand. Heck, I even own a KTM 450 dirt bike as well as my friends like Billy, Ray, and Ken B. Ken S, the anti-blogger owns an Itallian dirtbike called Beta. BUT, even he has the KTM Bug as his engine is made by those beloved Austrians. They make a great bike. There are some weird things about their stuff like why does my bike have 4 oil filters? And why does the kick stand suck so bad? But overall, these are top bikes and I stand by them.
When it comes to paying bucks for buying branded items like T-shirts or hats with the company logo I tend to question that. Especially, when they charge a premium for the right for you to advertise but I will break down from time to time and get something. However, when a company brands their logo on a dog dish and somehow believes that $11.99 is a fair price for it, that is a line that I will never cross. What the heck is up with that?