Monday, January 19, 2009

Cross-Winds How is it even possible?

Not trying scare anyone but it has always fascinated me how Jumbo jets can land in heavy cross-winds. It is a normal part of piloting these massive machines but you cannot help but respect them for these white knuckle landings.

This video is the new Airbus A380 (Double Decker) performing cross-wind tests in Iceland.

Here is another one. This time it is a real passenger landing on a Korean Air 747 in China.

This one is of particular interest to me. This Lufthansa plane was attempting to land in Hamburg Germany. Had to make another go around. I was also landing in Frankfurt during the same time last year. All airports in Germany were closed due to almost hurricane force winds. They were only allowing planes to land. It was a scary landing for me but not nearly as scary as the people who were on this flight. The pilot did a good job dealing with it and no one was hurt.

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