Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baseball as I know it is over... for now

The World Series may not be over (will it snow in Philly tonight?) but Little league fall-ball is. Last weekend put a close to spring and fall ball for Little league. Love to see the kids play but could always ask for more. Like a few more wins. We are in little league District #4 This is a tough district as we have teams that include Murray Hill which consistently make it to regionals and have actually made it to the World Series. Cedar Mill (Where my kids play) is considered a fair group but not at the level as the top teams in #4. So, we took some beatings. Pictures of my youngest as a catcher and hitting his third base hit of the game! Tyler is not pictured as he at strep throat and missed the last two games. Goodbye 2008 season.

I need to do some serious contemplating. Do I coach again this year or not? I guess I have a few months to figure it out.

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Sista said...

Nice to know you have time to blog about your sons' games but no time to tell me when they're even occuring. Cool.