Monday, October 27, 2008

Timmy's Strip Mall Theorem

The Theorem simply states: With the exception of Dry Cleaners, any strip mall store that places specific 'Reserved parking' signs in front of their store will go out of business within 6 months.
Prove me wrong!!!
Look, We saw this happen with frozen yogurt shops, the mom and pop video stores and we see this in a variety of other stores including those tiny computer stores. What is going on in there head?.....
Computer shop owner: Hmmmm. Why is my business failing? People like an over-cluttered dusty store. They like outdated equipment. They like no-name brands that look like its been stolen.... No thats not it. I know its not the prices. I continusouly raise them to make up for the lack of sales so I am good there. My Attitude? Nope. I have no social skills but people appreciate me pointing out their flaws when it comes to computer knowledge. They just don't understand how ignorant they are. So, what could it be..... Got it! it is that darn Hallmark store next door with their crazy customer base. I have counted over 6 customers in a period of a day. That is crazy! This is putting a chokehold on my customers trying to get in to my store. People are driving right on by.
Signs go up. Store closes down.

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