Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oden = Bowie = Disaster

For any of you die hard Blazer fans out there or even the fair-weather fans (like me), we hit another iceberg with our incredible ability to select injured prone players.

Anyone remember the mid 80s (1984) when we had a 2nd overall draft pick and we chose Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan? Well if you did not know it you do now.... (Michael went third to Chicago). Anyway, Sam was an injury prone nightmare. My friend Bob always called him "Chalk legs". Well, lookey here... History repeats itself. Last year we select Greg Oden. Top pick in the draft. Blazers are going to rule, right? BAM! Oden tears out his knee and did not play a single game last year. OK. Lets rest him up for the next year, right? BAM! He twists his ankle in his first game and now he needs an MRI. Blazers Rock!!!!

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