Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aesop Fables...

Last night, the kids wanted for me to read a few Stories in Aesop Fables. I liked reading the short stories as a kid and it turns out my kids like them too. They like to guess the moral to the story. Some of the stories make no sense but is fun to guess.

Anyway, we were reading a story regarding a wagon driver (Wagoner) who drove through mud and got stuck. His horse team was unable to pull out of it. The wagoner cried to the gods for help (Gods in these days were in the realm of Greek Mythology). Finally, Hercules himself showed up to see what the problem was. After assessing the situation, he told the wagoner to get out and put his shoulder behind a wheel and use his strength with the horses to push his way out of the mess. He was to call him back only if he had exhausted all his options.

Morale to the story? Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Hey, I thought that was a biblical quote. Did a little research on the internet and found that this quote is commonly referred as a Bible quote but it is not. Aesop owns this one.

Ya learn something new every day.

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