Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Technically, the best golf ball

Let it be known, I am probably the worst golfer known to man. For those of you who do golf you will understand that golfing a 130+ for 18 holes is not considered even a fair golfer. Regardless of that, I needed to get some golf balls for this weekend's golf event with my friends, Billy, Ken, and Mac Crappy. I like to research things to make sure I get the best bang for my buck. Somewhat of a technical geek, I like to see the cold hard facts regarding the specs so I can make a sound judgment based on my needs. Enter the ultimate golf ball. The Nike Power Distance Long ball. These are SERIOUS Balls. How do I know? Simple. Take a look at the other picture with the graph. They are so proud of these balls they actually post the graph right on the box! Sorry for the blurry camera photo but the red box says "Driver" and the writing above the graph says "Faster, Longer Distance". So how do you read the graph? Well there is no data on the X axis or the Y axis, thats true. And there is no comparison to the competition either. You got a point there... But regardless, look at that graph! Its all there. It starts off small and goes out a long was and gets wider by the end. That is enough for me!!! Best ball ever!

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