Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wine pick of the month

In our basement, we have this closet that is made entirely of concrete. This includes the ceiling. Our house was built in the 50s so it would not suprise me if this was a bomb shelter or something crazy like that. Anyway, this room makes for a nice little Wine Cellar. I mounted a couple of Wine Racks in there. Problem is that it takes a lot of $$ to fill it up. We have a couple of nice bottles that we have received from friends. And we purchase bottles here and there based on wine tastings or sales. But still, it takes a lot of moolah to have a fully stocked wine rack. So, you may be already thinking, what good wines exist out there today that cost $6.99 or less? We found it! The Big Black Sheep wine. Available at Costco. Item #744055. Hey, if you can trust Costco for your 40 pack of toilet paper you most certainly can trust them for their high quality wine selection.

"Deep red colour with purple fringe. Intense aromas of vanilla, coffee, red fruit, spice and herbs. Rich palate with soft tannins, vanilla and red fruit flavours, with excellent length....." says Opheliac9 at cork' Personally, I have no Idea what that means. It seems to me that Anyone can "taste" or "smell" the standard flavors into a red wine and I will beleive it. Vanilla, Citrus, Berries, coffee, spices, oak, on and on. Do they actually put this stuff into the wine? Excellent length? What kind of cop out is that? Well, its not too long but then again, its not too short either. To me its either good tasting red wine or bad tasting red wine. They could tell me this wine has a hint of black sheep squeezings and I would be fine with it. Its a good tasting wine. And for 7 bucks.... How can you go wrong. It funnels nicely.

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