Thursday, October 30, 2008

Candid Canada Candy

Oh Canada! With all your candies, bear. Why do your forsake me with your tantilizing treats which only reside North of our US border? Canada knows how to make chocolate. Canada Chocolate tastes like.... well, Chocolate. The way it should be. Have you ever splurged on a good chocolate bar from Europe? Compared to US chocolate, it is more choclately and less sugary/waxy. Try a bar up there and you will know. They make bars like Aero, Coffee Crisp, Wunderbar, Smarties, Dairy Milk, on and on. They also make a great hard chewy Toffee bar call Mack. Fabulous. WAIT A MINUTE! You have a picture of a Kit-Kat Bar. That is available in the US, ya idiot! Well, yes. That is true but the chocolate they use on the Kit-Kat in Canada is 100x better. Try it yourself. Get a Canadian Kit-Kat and an American one and try for yourself. If you ask the people at Costco up in Vancouver BC which Bars sell the most for Americans they say it is easily the Aero and the Kit-Kat bar.

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