Thursday, October 23, 2008

There Back!!!

I thought these things died out in the 70's or the 80's? I don't think I was old enough to drive when these bad boys were plastered to cars across America. Well, enough about the past. Lets talk about the future and after seeing this, it appears its going to be a bright one.

I saw this one in the parking lot at work last night. It is the only one I have seen BUT I am sure they are catching on like wildfire. They are absolutely hillarious and original but there is also a serious side to them. Take note of the Shape and the color. Yup.... Caution. This sign is indicating that there is an important message within its borders that should be read, understood, and if necessary, make the appropriate adjustments to what you are doing to heed the caution.
If I was driving and saw one of these signs, I think the appropriate measure is to slow down and proceed with extreme caution until you are certain that safe passage for the "baby on board" is achieved. I wish a lot more people had these so I could continuously scan for these signs and make adjustments to my driving immediately.

One problem though.... This was a parked car and although there was a baby seat in it, there was no baby. Hmmm. How does that work? One would think that with such an important sign being displayed in your car that the owner should take the responsiblity to take the sign down when the baby is Not on Board. Perhaps once the baby has been taken out of the car, the driver should take down the sign and replace it with a "Baby not on Board" sign. That would help me a lot.

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erikv said...

There back? Your sure? Would you ever put one of these signs on you're car? I bet your not going to do that. You'd look at your window and say "no way, I'm not gonna put one of those on they're. No way, there tacky."