Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Timmy's Theorem of Consistent Reporting

The Theorem is another simple one that a lot of you have already heard. Two parts:

1) No matter how much shopping goes on, Christmas sales will always be dissappointing
2) No matter how much Snowfall and rain Oregon gets, we will have some sort of drought warning

You can set your watch to both of these. When you read about them in the paper I want you all to think about me and the useful information you receive here at timmyopolis.

Christmas Sales: This one bugs me the most. In the good economic times or the bad economic times, it does not matter, there is always a report soon after thanksgiving and after Christmas that the retailers reported less than expected sales. What the heck are these guys expecting? How is it that you wait in lines forever at a mall or Target or anywhere but still they report dismal sales? Were there not enough lines? Were people only buying socks? Not from what I see. I was recently reading USA today and they are already reporting dismal sales for Christmas and Thanksgiving has not even started yet!!!! Granted, a lot of stores are already starting their Christmas sales due to this economic crisis we are in but Sheesh.... Wait until the Shopping season has begun!

Drought: We have years when rain and snowfall is far below normal. I get it. That means we need to conserve water and do our part. No problems there. Here is what gets me.... Sometime in January, they do their official readings of snowpack and current status of stored water and river levels. On years where where snowfall is over the top in height and reservoirs are so full that they need to open the flood gates to make way for the snow melt they still have the gall to say something to the effect that we still need to be cautious of our water usage because we either need to recover from a drought 3 years ago or because our demand is much more than our snowfall can produce. Listen and you will hear it. I have no Idea why this bugs me. Perhaps it is because I am a born and raised Oregonian and I hear it every year. I don't know Either way, you can set your watch to it.

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erikv said...

I don't know about this, but here's what I do know:

1) Holiday sales will not meet industry expectations

2) The "water table" will be far lower than the ideal come springtime. And then all of a sudden we'll have a month of the most miserable wet weather imaginable, and it will be fine.