Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cafe Capers

Our beautiful Cafe. This is our smallest Cafe in our campus. However, it is the most convenient for me as I work exactly two floors up in the same building. It has a Deli, Mexican fare, Indian Fare, Misc Hot foods, and a soup and salad bar. Not too bad. The other Cafe has much more including a wood burning pizza oven, etc.

On to the capers.... Over the past year, I have seen three amazing feats of cheap-skateisms that I felt compelled to share. You see and hear little things all the time (Pat mentioned today that he knew someone that hid bacon under eggs during breakfast, etc). But these stand out as my top three. The last one happened a couple of days ago and since I have this blog.... why not:

1) Soup Supplementing: Saw a person pack a salad-to-go container tight. Then took the side dressing containers (you know those little plastic cups) and instead of filling it with dressing, he filled 4 cups with soup.

2) Home on the Ranch: Saw another person take a soup-to-go container (I would say about 24 oz?) and fill it to the rim with Ranch dressing. That is either a unhealthy protein lunch or a shopping spree for home condiments

3) On the Cheese: This one happened this week. Another person took a medium Salad-to-go container and poured all the feta cheese from the salad bar into his container. Here is the best part.... He filled it 3/4 full and then asked the salad bar tender if she had any more Feta cheese. I did not stick around to see the end result but this person was not hiding anything.

Any other good stories out there?


erikv said...

Could you bring feta cheese to the next pizza night?

erikv said...

Oh, and ranch. Lots of ranch.

Timmy said...

Sure thing. AND seeing that Pizza night is on Friday, I can always supply Clam Chowder sampler bowls.

Jon said...

Timmy, thanks for the laugh! I will strive to join your list of cheap-skatisms...look for the small salad bowl stacked a foot high with layers of cheese/bacon bits/ranch dressing. Although I think I would be too embarrassed to ask for more cheese if they ran out. Actually, I think putting one cheese stick on a tray surrounded by 30 dressing cups full of soup would be awesome as well.