Monday, November 3, 2008


My first LTI. For those who are not in the know, LTI stands for Lucky Turd Invitational. It has been going on for some time over in Hood River but Ken, Mac Daddy, and I were invited by Billy and Brodey Deborde.

The LTI is a full day of Golf, Lunch, Bowling, Dinner, then a Poker Tournament.

Ken, Mac and I show up at 8am sharp as required. The Golf Club house was closed and there were 3 or 4 people wandering around. Good thing we got up at 5:30 to get to Hood River on time. I think we got going at around 10am.

The best part about the LTI is the attire requirements. The top picture is Mac Crappy dressed appropriately for the Reserve Golf course in Oregon. No Jeans, collared shirt, color coordinated, etc. Now look at the 2nd picture. Jeans, Sweatshirt, Work boots...... This is my type of Golf!!!! I felt right at home here. Take THAT you stuffy pukes at the Reserve! Ken and Billy won the golf but Mac Daddy pulled down some golf balls and a bottle of Crown for some Stunning KP shots. I was his partner and helped him with nothing! Its all you MAC!

After Burgers and awesome Chili, we were off to Bowling. The third picture is me in my dirty hat. why is my hat dirty? Didn't you hear? Ken jammed my hat into the bowling ball return. We had to get the maintenance guy to open it up and dig in there to get it. My hat was later jammed in again with Billy. The maintenance guy was more than happy to get his tools to disassemble the unit again. Thanks, guys. BTW, Billy you left your hat in Ken's car. I picked it up for you.

After bowling, we headed to dinner at a gas station for Corn-Dogs, Deli Burritos, and Fried Chicken. The place was packed with all of us jammed in there.

Mac was very excited to get his corn Dogs and a burrito for only 2 Bucks! Glad you are happy. Poker was nearby in someones huge metal building. I guess there were around 45 players. The final picture is the final table. Yup. I made it briefly. Got knocked soon after it started. Mac made 7th (payouts start at 6th place) Ken somehow made 3rd and made some cash plus he won the overall high hand with a straigh flush which brought him an extra $250 bucks.

The next day was miserable but we are all alive and I have no Idea why but there were no injuries. That NEVER happens. Thanks to the people in Hood River for the LTI, the Debordes for a place to crash and Ken for driving. Any additional info on this night stays within the group.


Brad said...

This is the best blog I've ever read. Except for that one about bicycling. Don't you know how to ride a bike Tim? I can't believe you only have 3 followers. Is there a pro McCain blog that I missed or something. Or maybe you just can't write a good blog about pedaling your heart out.

Your devoted 3rd follower

Patrick said...

You missed Bobby's poker tounry. Good times, but it sounds like you had plenty of fun. Are you going to run over Billy's hat a few times before giving it back?

Timmyopotopotropolis might only have 3 followers, but I know it has way more readers. You should install a hit counter. StatCounter is free and easy to use with blogger.

Timmy said...

Thanks Pat! The counter is up and running. Pretty cool.