Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beer of the Month

To truly choose a good beer, one must look beyond just the taste and into the features the can has to offer. Since when is taste a deciding factor in one's beer selection? Exactly. Coors packs a complete package into a wonderous can. Lets start off with the features.... Thermochromatic Can. I should not have to explain any more than that but to newbies, Thermochromatic means the can changes color based on temperature. If the Rockies are Blue, refreshed is you. That is all nice but how does it pour? Glad you asked. Not a problem with the SmoothPour(tm) Vented Wide Mouth opening. You see, Coors could of just settled with a wider opening and called it good. But they didn't. Look closely at the top when you buy your next 24 pack. It has a "canal" for air to enter once your lips pony up to the can. Simply Amazing. Now for the taste. What can I say. Coors sells a crap load of these things. That tells you something right there. It starts off with a carbonation flair, followed by a beerish overtone, ending with a watery finish. Perfect!!
Just like the October's wine of the month, November's Beer of the month also funnels well.

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erikv said...

I had no idea Coors had a classy thermochromatic can. I'm sold.