Monday, November 17, 2008

Wine Group at Timmy's Part 3

The theme of the wine group this month was red wine under 8 dollars. And, even though there were a lot of complaining and moaning going on from some of the wine experts, we all found some great wines that met the requirements. Out of 11 wines, we came up with the top 3.

Picture shows first on the far right and 3rd on the far left:

1st: Papio - Bri and Brendan - $6 New Seasons
2nd: Barefoot - Patty and Tim - $8 Trader Joes
3rd: Novella - Becky and Mike $3.21 Groc outlet

Click on the picture to get a better picture of the wine bottle so you can identify them better.
This group worked hard Saturday night performing extensive tests so all the readers can reap the benefits of knowing what to buy for an inexpensive wine. You are Welcome!

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Patty said...

Your post has a couple errors regarding the wine – The Novella is the one I bought at Trader Joe’s for $8 (or possibly less, I bought a lot of wine that day). The Barefoot one would be my guess for the $3.21 – you’d have to be an idiot to pay $8.00 for a bottle of Barefoot wine – it’s $4.99 max at the most expensive grocery stores....