Friday, November 7, 2008

Ken Sucks!

What did I ever do to Ken? I consider myself a nice guy, fairly easy to get along with, right? Well, Ken has continued to berate me and throw insults at me without regards to my feelings. Wanna know what he said to me recently? Do ya? Well, Ken refuses to read my blog. He says I talk too much already for him to have to go to a website to read about the same crap I talk about. Wow. That stunned me. How can he just spout off comments like this right in front of me? Well Ken, if your goal is to hurt my feelings and make me feel bad..... Mission accomplished. Now, the way I see it, our friendship is clearly on the rocks and all because of his refusal to read my blog. Please help me by talking to Ken, Emailing Ken and phoning Ken and tell him to read my Blog. Tell him our friendship is on the rocks. Sure, I will still hang out with him, Go Dirtbike riding with him, Camp with him, etc. But Deep in our hearts there will always be this kernel of hatred waiting to sprout. Once that pops open, its gonna be messy.


erikv said...

Could you supply Ken's cell and home phone numbers? Also his email address. Just post it here on your blog...he'll never know, and that will teach him.

Becky said...

As I see it Tim...Ken who?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that guy has always been so full of himself.. like he's too good for you. I thought you should've ditched him long ago. Happy Birthday!