Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Range Chickens

Well, it is finally official. I am white trash... Is it because I have crap strewn around the driveway? Having a Stove sitting on the side of the house? Owning 3 different types of trailers? Nope to all of those. It is because my chickens are officially free-range. Here are my darlings roaming around the back-yard on Saturday. Pop says that they will stay fairly close to the coop. He was right. Except if they see you they tend to follow where you are going. We gave it a trial run and they were well behaved. Gracie, the neighbor dog even came to pay them a visit. Thank goodness Julie and Mark were there to stop her. This won't be a everyday thing but perhaps sometimes on the weekends. People need to be cautious coming over to our house on weekends now. I have no Idea how these birds will react to strangers. It could get real messy.


Anonymous said...

I think it was the 1.38 that had more of a hand in the WT label, not the chickens

Timmy said...

Oh no you Di'i!