Friday, November 14, 2008

Bethany Athletic Club Sandwich

Anyone a member at the Bethany Athletic Club? Its a really nice club. It has two swimming pools, racquet ball courts, basketball courts, lots of cardio machines, Weight lifting machines, Running track, etc, etc. I like this club alot. But what is up with their restaurant/Bar? The place is almost alway empty. Is this a hidden gem to get some good food at a good price? I don't think so. The place is empty because it sucks. The bar puts on some great drink specials and they have them daily. I am definately good with that. But what is up with the food and service? When the place is empty and you order fries, it should not take 25 minutes. That is unless they have to call in a cook who is at home watching TV, fire up the fryer and peel the potatoes. I would be good with the wait if the food was worth it but it is definately spotty at best. I know one of the cooks there and he is a great cook. Management: Let him make stuff the people like. Can it be that difficult? Go for the happy hour but come full.

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