Sunday, November 16, 2008

to timmy, from ken...

To Tim and his readers,
I am reminded regularly of Timmy’s many talents. Just last Thursday we went into a music store at lunch time to get a music stand for my daughter. He walked over, picked a guitar off the wall, and started picking like he was James Taylor wearing a Mozart wig. When I ride with Timmy I see his talents (during the time he can stay vertical on his bike). At work he is so fluent with technical terms yet so personal in his attitude. He’s loved, yet feared. As he started blogging I thought “that’s ok. maybe he will write more and talk less”. As you know I don’t read his blog. I respected his space on the blog but then found out from other readers he is calling me selfish, stubborn, snobbish, even arrogant. This shocked me. As you know I don’t read his blog so I wasn’t aware of this backlashing. It cut me to the depth of my soul that I didn’t even know existed. How could one man, a supposed friend, cut into another without giving even a chance to retort (because, as you know, I don’t read his blog). So, this may be edited by the time it is posted by Timmy (because, as you know, I don’t read his blog) but I am putting myself on a limb……wearing my emotions on my sleeve but it’s all I can do. I feel like I’m arguing with a Republican. It’s one sided and I can’t win. Am I truly a socialist jackass as my friend once said?
I loved Timmy once and still love him now…….but this is a permanent scar upon the surface of our friendship. His will to undermine others just to boost his own morale and make a good story on his desperate, last call for help, blog saddens even the strongest of those who don’t read his blog (the remaining few on this planet).

And one final note to those readers out there. Timmy’s father once told me that Timmy as a young child once stuck a firecracker in a snake’s rectum. Is this the man you want as your home page?

I hope this makes it to those who need to see it………..because, as you know, I don’t read Timmy’s blog.

PS. Timmy, what is your fax number so I can send this over to you?

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Timmy said...

I left the note 100% in tact. The snake thing he said is not true.