Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks to all of you (like Becky, and Candy, and Leta, etc) who wished me a happy birthday on facebook. Thanks to the people who called me like Mom to do the same. Thanks for the people who sent me an email. And of course thanks to my friends and family who did it in person. To all you others out there..... Screw you! Perhaps you are thinking that you did not know it was my birthday. Well why is that my problem? Do I have to remind everyone that my birthday is coming up so you can wish me a Happy Birthday? What sense does that make? Think about it, Man!
Anyway, I would like to give a special shout out to the Voldengen family who brought over a cake and an 18 pack of Thermochromatic beverages (read the beer of the month entry for November). Thanks. But in particular, a super special shout out to their youngest Daughter, Mette. Look at the beautiful fortune teller she made for me!!! Mette is not much for talking with me but her gift speaks volumes. Thank you, little Mette!!!
Next up, My sister made a bound book of photographs of myself growing up. She dug for hours through my grandmother's collection. That was an awesome gift. Stay tuned for some exciting entries with pictures of me. You are all so lucky to know Timmyopolis!


erikv said...

Mette saw the picture of your fortune teller and started jumping up and down, singing. Then she ran down the hall screaming YES!!!

erikv said...

Oh and I bet Ken didn't wish you a happy birthday, did he. And since he's not reading this, he'll never know the wrong he has done. Some BFF.

Brad said...

I thought about calling you, but after reaching superstardom with your incredibly popular blog I didn't think you would take my call. Happy birthday.