Friday, November 21, 2008

Reserved Seating

Took a ride home from work today on MAX. Thanks to Ken for driving me to the the stop. (Ken and I are trying to patch up our shattered relationship over this blog). Anywho..... I am sitting in the priority seating area. When we come to the Beaver Creek stop and a bicyclist comes in. He hooks up his bike then taps me on the shoulder and tells me I need to move for him because it is priority seating. Seeing this guy is in his mid 30s and is in reasonably heathly shape (riding his bike and all) I pointed to the sign and said it is priority seating for Seniors and people with disabilities. I also told him I would be glad to move if that was the case. He got mad and told me that he was going to report this to Tri-met security. "Well" I said, "There just happens to be a tri-met security officer near the front of the car." and I pointed to him. The guy marches over there. Stands right by him then sits down without saying a word. Am I a bad guy for this? I don't think so. Here's to the dirtbags across this nation that make this country so great.


Major Clanger said...

Wow Timmy - this is a controversial topic amongst the regular TriMet and bike riders.

The rules on TriMet's site say:

# Bikes must be suspended from the hook, one per space. If all the hooks are taken, you may use the priority seating area (displaying the wheelchair symbol) as long as there are no senior or disabled passengers present who need to use the area.
# If other riders are occupying the area displaying the bike symbol, you may politely request that they move from the area so that you can store your bike.

BUT - TriMet has made it clear that it is not legally enforceable to ask anyone to move for a bike...

Timmy said...

OK. I can buy that. However, in this case, the person hung his bike on the hook (already stored)and wanted me to move so he could sit. How does that work?

Major Clanger said...


I'm lost for words, really... he was going to get a security guard get you to move, or maybe arrest you, just so he could sit within 2 feet of his precious bike instead of maybe 20 feet away?

Are you sure it wasn't a gold bike? I think it must have been. It is the only way this makes sense. Also he can't read the sign. You can't be telling us the full story - I think you should change the title of this posting to "Man with Golden Bike Who Can't Read Tried To Have Me Arrested"

erikv said...

What a loser. You did the right thing. He was wrong. And stupid. As you know, I am an avid cyclist. I hate stories like this. Gives us a bad name.