Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Comics Suck. Everytime I read them I get angry that I wasted my time. Will I ever learn? What is so good about them? Every strip is based off of some stupid quip back in the Vaudville days. Then they take that and wrap a picture or two around it and BAM!... Comic. What are those cute little kids going to say in family circus? What will Hagar's wife say to Hagar when he comes home late? Who gives a crap!! Look, if you like the comics then you should love the one I did below. I am angry and you are Welcome.

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erikv said...

That was really good! The crappy drawing made it funny.

Please, do a weekly comic strip. It would give those of us that don't have the joy of Intel in our lives something to look forward to, if only once a week.